Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back From Boot Camp

Two days ago, one of my friends got back from boot camp after being there for 3 months. He is now taking like at two week break here at home. Last night, some of my friends and I all got to see him and hung out with him and hear his story about what he has been through. He showed us a video about other people who are going through the same things he is, and it looked so hard and scary. The commanders or whatever they're called are so mean and you cant talk back, swear or do anything wrong. Everything is supposed to be uniform so there is no bringing your teddy bear to sleep with or wearing contacts.

Let's just call him Bob. Bob is now a lot skinnier because he hardly eats anything while there. He didn't really want to go to Burger King with us last night because he was afraid it would upset his stomach because he isn't used to eating that kind of food.

This whole experience made me realize how hard that would be, to leave all your friends and family behind to go get yelled at and have your life changed. I have total and complete respect for him now.

Last night was Halloween as well and although I didn't dress up as batman and go around and get candy, I saw a bunch of cute little kids running around ringing doorbells and yelling TRICK OR TREAT! And when I got home I also had a little leftover candy that my parents had. It was a fun-filled night. And how about them Hawks yesterday? Way to hang in there and then come back at the end! What an exciting game.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.