Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I went to Texas for a couple of days with my older cousins to visit my grandparents. Sounds like a pretty sweet, easygoing trip right? Wrong. See, my cousins are both older than me, and their mom's are sisters and best friends while their brother, my dad, gets put off. So that leaves me out in the open to make fun of and talk about behind my back the whole trip. You think drama lives in high school, talk about people that have known you your entire life and know everything about you and your family. They talked so much crap about me I barely want to see them again. Not to mention the fight with my boyfriend, my grandparents old age and getting Alzheimer's disease, my friends are having a girls night, and my parents are going off doing all these fun things while I'm gone. Talk about the worse trip ever. I'm just glad to be home again.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's summer thank christ

Summer has arrived and blogging is no longer required for class but I've decided that it's a great place to let out my emotion that has been inside me for so long.

Say hello to my little friend Susie. Susie was my best friend until we got in an argument and weren't talking again but Susie has this constant urge to be mean to me and we are in the same friend group so she decides to just laugh at me behind my back and talk about me to my other friends. I don't like Susie. Luckily she is going away to college soon so maybe I can get my friends back and move on with my life.

Say hello to my boyfriend's cat, Bitch. She decided that she would go have sex with another cat and get pregnant and have little baby kittens all over the yard. So when she did have them, she was a horrible mother and didn't take care of them at all. The other day I decided to go down and see the little kittens and one was on the floor shaking and dying and crying out for help. And where is Bitch the mother? Sitting up on the porch not even caring about her dying baby in need of help. I yelled and screamed at her and asked her why she was not doing anything but she did not respond, of course. I cried the next day when I saw the tiny kitten, dead on the floor.

There will be more updates of how summer goes throughout the next couple months but so far I could only ask that there be more sun so I can get a little tanner, other than that everything else is perfect<333 love lyfe.