Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just get over it...

Halloween is just around the corner. I remember when I was little and my friends and I would dress up as whatever we wanted. I know I was a princess at least three times. And then there was the cheerleader, a pirate, a pumpkin, a hippie, and more. Those days when you could dress up and nobody would judge you for what you were wearing because you were only in kindergarten and that's what everyone else was doing so it was the cool thing to do. But, now if you try to dress up for Halloween, or homecoming week, or even for a school project; you get judged. People comment and talk about what your wearing or what you look like. Personally, I think they do it because they have nothing better to do with their lives and are to insecure about themselves so they have to put other people down, which makes no sense at all because that's completely rude but okay.

Even people walking in the hallway. If they have their own style and way they like to dress everyday, then just get over it. Acknowledge that they have their own way of doing things. Maybe you're the one who looks silly and stupid in their eyes.

My friends and I have almost got over the fact that people will judge you, and that we really don't care. Most people's negative opinions I could really care less about. But when someone you know and trust tells you something doesn't look right, that's when you need to change something. It's not a bad thing, that's just what happens sometimes.

There are, however, limits to the whole costume thing. You don't show up to your neighbors house or a Halloween party looking like a complete slut with a costume from the Halloween botique. People then just think you're really trashy and it's not all that attractive to show up to something like that. There are ways to have fun without all the nastiness. Those people aren't making fun of you, just kinda grossed out about why someone would wear that out in public haha.

But anyways, I think people just need to get a reality check for themselves and not make fun of what people wear because it can seriously get annoying. So what if that girl is wearing an ugly sweater? Maybe her grandma made it for her. There are reasons to not judge people so harshly in this world we call "equal."

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

Obsession much?

The book cover of Twilight.
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Ever heard of the book/movie Twilight? If yes, you've probably heard all the girls screaming and mushing over the star character, Edward Cullen, what's not to like about him? He's sweet, charming, sexy, everything that a girl could ever ask for in a guy. And not to mention in the movie, Robert Pattinson, the guy who plays Edward is gorgeous.

The book's story is not all that complicated though. It's your average everyday girl who moves in with her dad after her parents got divorced. She goes to school and fits in, finds friends, all the same things you would expect from a teenager. There are people who are "different" at her school and everyone calls them the Cullen's. They don't talk to anyone who isn't in their group and skip school on days where the sun is out. The girl, Bella, is immediately curious about them. She later finds out they are, well lets just say I'm not going to ruin the entire story for you.

The second movie based off the book New Moon comes out in November and I know myself and millions of others can't wait until the day it comes. There is just something about the books that draws the reader in further and makes you not want to put the book down. When I was reading Twilight for the first time, I stayed up later and later each night because I wouldn't want to stop reading the story. It might be all the detail and thought that the author, Stephanie Meyer, puts into it all. There are a lot of creative, new ideas put into this book that one would never think of putting together.

So when girls are screaming for the new movie, or wearing a Twilight t-shirt, or obsessing over Edward Cullen on their facebook status, you know where it's all coming from. I might do all of those things as well, but that doesn't need to be mentioned here.:) Oh, and it's not just the teenage girls that are obsessed with these books and movies. I know my mom was the one who got me started on reading the books before they even became popular! And I know plenty of guys who have gone with their girlfriends to see the movie and have loved it. So don't judge a book by the people who read it, cause you never know what's gonna end up inside!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Time of Your Life

When people think of showchoir, they think obnoxious and over-excited people. And gay guys. But that is not the case with Happiness Inc. Sure we may be really loud and expressive but that is just how our personalities are in life. And, most of the guys in the showchoir, aren't gay.

But while people are enjoying the summer, we have already started our season by spending four long days at school learning choreography. Not complaining or anything because it's soooo much fun, but when you see the end result of Happiness every year, you'll see why we start so early.

Last year I was in Protege, Kennedy's prep showchoir. We were pretty good and won 3 out of 5 competitions. But this year when I found out I made Happiness I was so thrilled! Happiness is ranked like 18th best showchoir in the nation! I think people are really gonna enjoy our show this year because it's super different then anything Happiness has ever done.

Showchoir is probably not just an activity for me, it's my life, as well as my mom and dad's too. During the entire school year, I can't even count how many hours are spent at school involving showchoir. Every year, Kennedy hosts it's own "showchoir invitational" and my mom is in charge of all the food for it; which is a huge job. My dad helps with backstage, props, and my mom with the food. But they both love doing it because it gives them a challenge from their everyday lives.

I've made so many friends from being involved with showchoir, and this year I hope to become closer with many other people in it. We're going on a trip to Chicago this year for 4 days to compete and perform and have fun. But there was a little controversy over that trip when yesterday, we found out that our prep group is going to be tagging along with us. It's an issue because we never got to do any of that when we were in prep groups. And that's usually when Happiness has its bonding time. There are other showchoir competitions, but this is supposed to be a special event for being in the top group. The feeling you get when you get up onstage and perform the best you can is amazing, and everyone around you is having the time of their lives as well.

I encourage everyone who has not seen a showchoir ever, to go and see one because the work that some of them put into their show is amazing. I can't wait for another exciting year.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dance Your Heart Out

So, last night was the annual homecoming dance. Everyone gets all dressed up, goes out to eat, takes pictures, and then dies because of the heat in the cafeteria. When attending this dance, one would usually ask a date to go with them.

People ask others from Kennedy or from other schools around the area. One can even ask a person who is in college. But to have someone attend from another school, you have to "sign up" this person on a sheet where the faculty can look over them. But, I think it's pretty rude how our school supports gays but wont let you sign up and bring another person of the same sex. I think everyone should be treated equally. Not saying I'm gay but i think everyone has a right to whatever they feel.

At the dance, I think it's really awkward when the teachers walk in the middle of the dance floor to observe what everyone is doing. I understand that they need to check up and see what's going on, but it is super weird when they come right next to you.

As I'm sitting here writing this, I think about how when you're at the dance you don't really realize what everyone else around you is doing. You're kinda in your own little world and don't care what people are doing. It's really kinda neat actually.

This year our DJ was pretty good. Last year was horrible when they kept playing the same songs over and over again and they were pretty old songs as well. Everyone ended up sitting down on the dance floor because they were so mad that the music completely sucked. But this year they played good songs and it was supppper fun!

We went in a group of 14 people and everyone came over to my house before dinner looking good to take some pictures. We probably spent like 30 minutes smiling and my mouth ended up hurting haha. Then we all traveled to Biaggi's to eat in the wine room. It was super nice and so much fun. We then went to the dance to take formal pictures with Reid Photography and met up with some other friends. Then the dancing started and within 5 minutes we were already sweating. It is always so hot in the cafeteria! But I guess you have to deal with it when you want to have a good time.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Those pets you just don't want to lose

Have you ever had that one pet that you have totally fallen in love with. It's your best friend and it's your responsibility to take care of it, not because you have to but because you want to. We have had so many cats that have lived with us for several years and there has been like 4 that have been the best ones, so far. But then something becomes wrong with them, and you have to take them to the vet right away and their gone in an instant.

The two cats that we've had in the past, were Pumpkin and Norman. They were probably the best cats you could ever ask for. Pumpkin would respond to you if you talked to him. He would basically start a conversation and keep it going. Is that possible? But seriously he would always be around you and if you went upstairs, he'd meow for you and see where you went. We were sooooo devestated when he developed a heart problem and we had to put him down.

Our other cat we had before Pumpkin, was Norman. He would always want to lay down on a lap. He looked forward to nighttime when everyone was home and he could be around us. He was really fat though because my mom would always feed him because he was such a good cat haha.

But anyways, I guess the point of this whole thing is to tell about my cats that we have right now, and how they have this really horrible thing going on with their skin. They itch all the time like crazy and so we take them to the vets office every week and they get dipped into this lye(sp?) water stuff that is basically poisoning their skin to get the infection out. It can't get on humans or in our carpet or anything. They can just transfer it from one to another. But these cats are so amazing. We've had Buddy since he was just a kitten and we couldn't bare to lose him. And Rex is the sweetest cat you've ever met. It's just really hard to see them suffer and we're trying to help them but it's not working out very well.

It kinda sucks seeing these two cats we have, have a problem that could hurt them so much. We don't want them to suffer and it's hard to watch when their gnawing at their skin for 24 hours strait. But we don't really know what else to do. It's a really sad situation and I'm kinda scared for what could happen to them in the future.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I gotta feelin'

Here at school, everyone is dressed up and in a good mood; girls are getting their nails done and guys are getting ready for the "big game" friday. And, it's homecoming week.

To start the week off, we had lazy day or as most of the school took it, pajama day. Me and Dallas wore matching spongebob pjs and we got some crazy looks from freshmen. I honestly don't care what people think about me so I didn't really care what I was wearing, we just kinda got into the whole spirit day thing. Tuesday, it was crayola day so the seniors wore blue, we wore red, sophomores: purple, and freshmen: orange. So of course, I went all out again with red tights, red shorts, and a red shirt. It was soooo cool seeing everyone in our classes wearing the same color, or different if they were in a different grade. We also had the top 7 assembly that day with all the homecoming royalty lined and dressed up ready to answer the question they were dreading. This year I personally think the questions sucked. Who is going to care what you would do to change the world or what Cedar Rapids biggest problem is. People vote on the queen and king because of who they are and their personality, not of what they are going to become in the future. But anyway, onto Wednesday, jungle day. Again, Dallas and I went completely full out. We wore these old skirts we found in my dressup clothes that had a bunch of animal print on them. I had a monkey around my neck the entire day and we both carried a cat and tiger on a leash behind us. We got some REALLY crazy looks haha. People were staring at us but then laughed cause if you know us, thats really just how we are. Today, Thursday, is jersey day and I have to wear a jersey for dance team. Then tomorrow is green and gold day for the game later that night!

This week you can totally tell that people are excited for the dance because it's something they can look forward to. I think our school needs more little things that people can go to to have fun so that the school year wouldn't seem so long and there were more things people could anticipate. Everyone is in a good mood and looking their best everyday, because if they don't have a date yet, they should probably get on top of that.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I just found this thing

You know that feeling you get when you're rummaging through things in your room and you find something you haven't seen in forever because you got it when you were like 5? Yeah I kinda just had one of those moments. My mom's yelling at me to clean up my room because you can probably only see half the floor. Who has time to clean when you have 3 hours of ap homework every night? But anyway I was obeying her this time and looking through my drawers in my desk when I found my old diary. It has Barbie on the front with pink and blue stripes all over the place, and it has a lock. So I just kinda broke it open wanting to look at it so badly.

Now this diary is probably from like 3rd grade up til about 6th or 7th grade. Yeah, kinda lame I know. But I was reading through it and saw how bad of a speller I used to be and all the crazy things that I would write about. I seriously needed help back then. As I'm sitting here reading it now I can't believe how much detail I went into about every little thing. It tells about what I did that day, with who, the exact time I wrote that diary entry, and things that I loved about it. Some of the newer entries got kind of spread apart as I started to get busier, so they were longer. I would tell about the most important things in my life at that time, and how I felt about them. One explains how at someones house after a dance in 7th grade this guy I liked wouldn't talk to me and I was getting really mad about it. Haha.

People don't really remember the little things in life and I'm glad that I wrote a bunch of this stuff down so that later, I can look at it and see what happened to me. My mom has a million scrap books and pictures of when I was little so that we can look back on them later in life to remember what went on. Just the other day we were looking through an old picture book and she reminded me of what I got on this Christmas and what I was for Halloween that year. It was soooo much fun. I love looking at pictures of great times. Even if it was a couple weeks ago you can still remember all the laughs you had with those people that day.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Society's changing...

What is a "home phone" now anyways? Everywhere you go you see people with a cell phone up to their ear or in their face sending a text message. I'm not one to be a hypocrite, because I know I probably send 5000 texts a month, but still. It bugs me when you run into people in the hallway because their buried into their cell phone.

My parents barely even know how to text message let alone what one is. Our generation could not live without our cell phones, that's why it's such a big deal when we have to get it taken away or if it breaks. I really don't know how our parents and relatives could live without even a computer. We use all sorts of chatting sites to hook up with friends at the last minute: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.

Other things like video games games and television can also be very addicting. Little kids are getting a bad influence with electronics at such a young age. I know my cousins are totally into the Star Wars shooting games on Xbox and they love to come over and play Wii when they're in town. But I guess that's how our society is changing and growing. Soon there are going to be robots driving our cars for us.

There's also this new thing called picture messaging. Um. Yeah. That can be great if you have something to show someone or to keep memories with you. But people are now starting to abuse this little thing and have turned it into sexting. I really don't care if people do it. Just don't be stupid about it and let it get around the entire school because people don't want to see that. It brings out a horrible part of you. Last year, there were so many pictures going around I can't even fathom why people would be that stupid.

Driving and texting is also becoming a huge issue for teenagers and even young adults. There have be so many crashes lately because people have been on the phone while driving to the mall, the movies, school, etc. I think saving your life and other people's lives is worth waiting to talk to someone for fifteen minutes.

This video is probably the worst I've ever seen. There are so many devastating things going on in it. I really think that everyone should watch it. It made me realize to be a more alert driver because you never know if the person driving next to you could be texting and suddenly swerve over the line and into your lane.

Thats all for now my fellow bloggers.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Do I really miss summer?

Students are starting off the school year meeting their teachers, figuring out their classes, and meeting new friends. The classes here, well let's just say there are many to choose from. But while some people are just starting off the new school year, others have been at school all summer doing activities and working hard. As I sit here though, I realize that I never really got to "sleep in" during the summer, and that may be why I'm so tired even when school is just starting. Going to dance team every morning at 7 am is not what I'd call fun.

My other friends would be just waking up when I got done at dance and they'd brag about how non-tired they were. It definitely sucked. You still get weekends and things to sleep, but still who wants to stay home all weekend?

Now, during school, I'm blogging for my AP lang class just like all the other students. You can hear all the other keyboards typing away. It's kind of cool actually, because you know some are making a really amazing writing when I really don't know what to write about.

I know that I did get no sleep this summer, well not as much as I needed to. But I think that I am starting to get more sleep now that school is starting, which I don't know how could be possible. Yesterday, I went to the doctor's office for a physical and she kindly asked me "What time do you wake up and what time do you go to bed?" I told her and she quickly denied saying that I didn't get enough sleep. "Children your age really should get 9-9&1/2 hours of sleep a night." I just looked at her and agreed so she wouldn't push me any further. Because I really don't agree with her. Probably 90% of the school doesn't get that much sleep a night! And I'm not as tired as I usually am, yet. But we'll see how this school year treats me.

Thats all for now my fellow bloggers.