Sunday, May 16, 2010

I miss...

Here are things that I miss dearly in my life:

I miss going to the dance studio every Sunday and dancing my heart out even though I didn't really want to, the smell of the whole place still haunts me every Sunday.
I miss my old neighbor friends and how we used to play together every single day outside and we just played together and nobody cared about anything other then that we were together.
I miss elementary school where there was no homework and nap time and snack time and recess and there was no drama.
I miss my old house with its pink shutters and stairs leading up to the door.
I miss living in Florida where it was always warm outside and it didn't snow.
I miss playing video games like Harry Potter, Sing It!, and DDR with my friends, afternoons were filled with these games.
I miss my old pets and how they always liked to cuddle with me and play with me, now I'm never home and my cat is only in love with my mom.
I miss the old dance team and going to Disney World with them and always getting to see them every day.
I miss Read Photography and getting dance pictures done there every year in all my costumes.
I miss the times I had with old "friends" and the memories we shared together.
I miss riding the bus to middle school and feeling like I was cool when I was in 8th grade and got to ride in the back of the bus.
I miss my family's cooking at holidays because now I'm so busy that we don't get to stick around for endless amounts of days being served tastey food.
I miss school pictures in elementary school when nobody cared how your picture turned out and all the girls wore pretty dresses and the boys wore little ties around their necks.
I miss the first cell phone that I had and it's simplicity and how cool I thought I was to own an actual cell phone.
I miss my friends that used to care about me before they found new people to hang out with.
I am happy that I know how new friends that care about me more than them and can treat me with a little more respect.
I'm sad that some of these friends are going to leave me soon, however.

Check out this website.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Going Out Concert

Two nights ago was our last concert for showchoir this year. We watched our prep groups do their show for the last time, and our parents gave us a surprise remake of our show with all of our parents doing the things that we do in the show. It was pretty hilarious. But then when it became time to do our show on stage, I wasn't so sure how to feel. Some of my best friends are leaving next year that I spend so much time with after school. They're on dance team and in showchoir plus I have classes with them and it will be so weird to do things next year when they aren't here. This is pretty much what I was thinking about the entire time we did our show. I started crying during the ballad (of course) and at the end of the last number when I realized that it was all over. After we performed, it's a tradition that our varsity showchoir and anyone who is an alumni of the group come up on the stage and sing the song Forever which is the saddest song ever. Some of the lyrics say, "Forever, good friends are forever...." and it goes on to say that in different ways which really made me start crying. My senior friends would keep looking at me and they were crying which made me cry and it was just a big cry fest and nobody was really singing. After that we all kind of gathered in a big group and hugged each other and cried. Next year it will be me who is going to be leaving all these people that I've known and I'll have to give up showchoir and dance team in high school and I'll probably never do anything like it ever again. Which is a really scary thought because that's basically all that I do, besides school of course. But I guess I'll just enjoy this next year as much as I can because all of the graduated people I talk to say enjoy it while it lasts because they miss it like crazy, which scares me as well.

I love all of my friends and I will miss those who are leaving next year and I don't know how were going to get by doing some things without them. But, we will have to manage.

Here is the video of the parents trying to do our show. I find it quite hilarious when comparing it with the real one.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

Friday, May 14, 2010

i'm gonna be a senior soon...

Planning for senior pictures already and trying to figure out what outfits I'm going to wear and when we're going to do it and where I wanna take them at and UGH so much stress. I think I've decided who I'm going to get them taken by but now the question is when, where, and what to wear. When I look at everyone else's senior pictures, they are SOOOO beautiful and I just hope that mine turn out okay and everyone likes mine as much as I like theirs. I chose to go to this studio that nobody really goes to and they come to you so that everyone's pictures are different and the poses are different. When you look at the people who all go to the same studio here in our town, their poses look the exact same. Sure there is some individuality, but for the most part they all look the same, and I don't want that. It seems early to me to be planning for all this, considering I'm not even a senior yet, but I'm getting kind of excited as well. There are so many new things that you get to do when your a senior that everyone else misses out on. There's senior pictures (of course), prom, senior skip days, and just having that feeling that everyone else in the school is younger then you and you have power to do whatever you want. But also realizing that in only a couple of months, you are going to leave the people that you have grown up with since you were only 5 years old. Most of them you will never see again until the holidays roll around and everyone comes home, but even then you don't know if you will see everyone who you want to.
We don't have to think about that right now, because it's still May of my junior year, but if you think about it, it's really not that far away. I don't know how I'm going to live on my own. Where will my mom be when I'm sick? And what if I'm just tired one day and I don't wanna go to school? These things haunt me sometimes and I don't really know what to think of them, but let's move on to a different subject now.

As I'm thinking about it more and more, these senior pictures should be fun. I'm excited!
Here is a picture of one of my friends that got her pictures done at the place that I'm going to go. SHE IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

AP Tests

Friday, I took my AP US test at the Kirkwood center down by Carlos o' Kelly's and it was the longest test of my entire life. Besides not knowing anything during the hour long multiple choice section, the 2 hour essay part was horrible. Who needs 2 hours to write 3 essay's seriously? I got done almost 45 minutes early and I know that most other people were done way early too. It just doesn't really make sense. If they want you to push yourself and do good but limit your time, then why did they give us so long to write these essays?!!?? On Wednesday I have to take the AP Lang test as well and I have no idea how that test will go. I hope it doesn't take as long though because that seemed like it was forever! Monday is the AP Bio test which I am not going to take because I know absolutely nothing in that class. I guess it's a little more of using your common sense then American History, but you have to know all the little detailed things and I do not know any of that. I only manage getting by in that class by doing the extra points options and the other assignments that aren't tests. If that class was all tests I would be totally failing that class. Why are these AP classes so hard and remind me again why I decided to take three of them this year? I'm only taking two next year and they are easy ones. I don't want another full load of homework next year on top of dance team and show choir especially when it's my senior year and your supposed to have a good time!

I hope I did decent on the AP US test and I hope I do okay on the AP Lang test as well and don't get any ones because that would just be pretty embarassing. Don't get me wrong, I don't really wanna be bored and watching TV every single night, but I don't want to have so much work that I can't get it all done even when I have nothing going on at night.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spam and more Spam!

Spam email pisses me off a whole lot. This one time I accidentaly put my email into this thing on some random website and now every night my entire Yahoo! inbox is full of stupid letters telling me I've won a new iPod touch and a new computer if I just enter here! BULL! I will not win anything new you will just keep sending me stupid shit to make me eventually spend money to buy what I want. There are also these weird creepy things that say people are waiting to chat with No I do not want to talk to weird random ass people that probably just want sex. Every day there are more and more and more emails. Somebody please tell me how I am supposed to stop these from coming! I DO NOT WANT YOU STUPID SPAM JUST STAY OUT OF MY COMPUTER!

Speaking of spam, that reminds me of canned meat. Don't ask me why I just suddenly thought of that, or why I started talking about it because I honestly have never tasted that stuff nor do I ever have the desire to. That does not sound very appetizing at all. Don't soldiers eat that when they are in other countries? ICK. Our showchoir did a novelty about Spamalot a couple years ago and saying that word also reminds me of that. Spam can mean a lot of different things to different people and it might now be one of my favorite words to say. Just say it out loud. Spam. Isn't that just a great word?!
Okay so I don't really know where this blog post is going or why I even started talk about this spam email, probably because it just makes me really mad. But if anybody out there has anyway to stop it from filling up my inbox with a bunch of stuff that I really don't want or need or care about, please let me know?!?!?

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

Amusement Parks in Iowa...aka NONE

So here goes me trying to list off the amusement parks in Iowa that I know of:

-Lost Island (it's a waterpark I guess)
-Grand Harbor (again, waterpark)
And yep that's pretty much it. Don't get me wrong, a day at Adventureland is quite entertaining, but it's just not anything like Six Flags or Disney World. I wish we lived in a little cooler state. When people think of Iowa they think of farming and animals, when that is not what it's about at all. We lived in a well developed city and only in the country is where you can find people farming in their backyards. I guess we associate states and other countries for what they are best known by when you learn the states only in grade school. Then your imagination develops and you get a bigger picture of what you think these states should look like when you arrive there. There are some cool things to do here and it's not like we get bored in little ol' Iowa, but I just wish there were something more exciting to do here rather then having to spend a bunch of money just to get to the place where there is something exciting to do.

Waterparks here are always fun on a hot day, but it's not like they can stay open year round because it gets a little chilly here sometimes. Lost Island isn't anything like the Wisconsin Dells, which by the way I would love to go there someday. I've never been skiing either, I don't even know if we have that opportunity here in Iowa? But anyhow, I just wish there were some better things here. I guess I've said that a bunch of times now but now that I'm thinking about it, it's really angering me why there aren't more exciting things to do here! We go on vacation and see all these cool restaurants, malls, entertainment. How come that is not in Iowa? Eh. Whatever, it's not like I'm going to start building a new Disney World here!
This is about as cool as the rollercoaster's get at Adventureland and there are only three of yeah. My point exactly.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So I'm going to copy @cccaat for this blog post. Oops sorry I'm just a little used to being on Twitter so much. ;)

Things that I see in this room that interest me:

The Wii is in the corner by the TV, but we never really use it anymore. I used to always play that bowling game and now we never use it. Maybe when I'm done blogging I'll get on the Wii Fit and start playing it.

My kitty is cuddling up next to me and purring. I love when he is just calm and lying down. Sometimes he'll get so overwhelmed with you that he'll climb right up on you! Speaking of cats, I really want this little kitten at my boyfriend's house (they have lots of cats that live in their barn outside) and its a black little kitty that follows me around every time I go over there. I really want that cat and I wanna bring him home. HE IS SO CUTE!

The TV is on the News right now and I kinda miss watching the news, it really lets you know what is going on in the world right now. Sometimes you just need to cuddle up and watch the news, it's actually quite relaxing.

The smell of dinner is in the air because my mom is cooking right now and it smells delicious!

My cell phone and this computer are pretty much my life. I could not live without my cell phone and I use the computer way to much during the day. I guess our generation is used to electronics helping the do the things that they need to do.

Oh and I would just like to mention that the coffee table in our living room was only 3 dollars at a garage sale that my mom went to. She brought it home and we painted it up a little bit and its just like brand new. It gives our room a little character and spices it up a little bit.

Okay that's all of the things in this room right now that are actually interesting to me and are worthy to talk about.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

A Little Jealous

So our school's prom was last night and being only a junior with a boyfriend who is a junior, I didn't get the opportunity to go. But seeing all of my friends going to prom and looking so pretty and having a bunch of fun, it made me really wanna go. I could have gone this year, before breaking it off with my ex boyfriend who is a senior, but that would have meant that I would have to make a lot of sacrifices in my life that I wasn't willing or ready to make. Sometimes doing things for yourself is better then doing what you want. I've learned that the hard way.

I'm not really the best person when I have to chose between two things I want. I always pick the wrong thing and it turns out affecting me badly in someway. There have been several times I picked the wrong decision and I had to pay for it in the end. The only thing that I can do is learn from these experiences, but it just kind of sucks. I would spill my entire stories on here if I could, but I don't really want everyone knowing.

My life has gotten better since I made the wrong choice and I guess that's just what happens. People forget and forgive and time moves things forward but your actions are always going to be there.

I don't really know what any of this has to do with prom, but it just got me thinking about a lot of stuff and it made me kinda sad to think about. Oh well, next year I'll get my own prom and then I wont have to be jealous of everyone else being able to go when we can all go together.

Here is a website that has a lot of cool prom dresses on it.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.