Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Only 2 Days!

So, I just realized that the dance team is going to be in Florida in two days! The weather is supposed to be nice and we get to go to Disney World! We've worked really hard though and practices have made people cry ocasionally but now when it comes down to it, we don't even care how we dance, we're just happy that we're going to Florida!

I've been to Disney World 3 other times before this and so this time is going to be a little bit of a let down compared to all of the rest. We don't really get to have the "Disney Experience" because we're only going to get to go to Disney for 3 days then we have to return home. With my family, we would always go to all 4 of the parks, make dinner reservations at the best restaurants, and just get some time to relax. I can garauntee that none of this will happen. But eh, oh well we still get to miss two days of school to go be in the 70 degree weather! Not to mention there is going to be 16 of my friends going along with me!

Once you get to Disney though, you never, ever want to leave. There is so much to do and see that you just want to stay there forever. There are characters walking around the parks from all of your favorite movies, there are endless giftshops with millions of Disney items to purchase, there are some really unique stands that sell Mickey Mouse shaped fill in the blank, and to top it all of, there is happiness. When you enter the park you can just feel everyone around you having the feeling of joy and happiness. I mean it's Disney World! Who is going to be in a bad mood?!

I plan on buying my friends some presents while I'm in Disney because they have a lot of neat stuff there that you can't buy in other states. My parents are going to Florida with us as well, so I can take back some of my bigger stuff in their suitcases!

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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