Sunday, January 31, 2010

13 Going on 30

I was watching this movie yesterday that I used to watch all the time about 3 years ago and I was totally obsessed with it. It's called 13 going on 30. Ever heard of it? It's really good, in my opinion anyway. I know all of the words to it and I know exactly what happens every single time. I really don't know why I know all of the words or why I was obsessed over it. I guess because if your a teenage girl watching the movie and your having problems in your life that you just want to go away (just like Jenna Rink does in the movie), then you would love to wish that you were that little girl. There is a time in everyone's lives that they wish they were someone else for a day, whether it be a famous person or your best friend, I guarantee everyone has thought about it before.
There are actually a lot of movies that I used to watch when I was in middle school that I still know all of the words to. I would watch them over and over again when we went on trips to visit grandma in the car and on a Sunday afternoon when I was bored. But now all of these times that I used to spend watching movies, I find myself having to do homework, and lots of it. Its funny how much school changes in a matter of 2 or 3 years. Back in the good old days of "let's try to be popular" middle school, there was absolutely no homework and it was just a social craving. Now you have to do your homework or you will most definitely fail high school. Which isn't a bad thing because we're trying to get prepared for college and all but still, I'd like to hang out all the time like we used to be able to. It was quite nice.
I enjoy having a little time to go catch a new movie or watch an old one every now and then but I understand my priorities and what needs to get done first. That's probably the biggest difference between high school and middle school.
That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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