Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wrong Decisions?

When I was in 8th grade I had to make a huge decision and sometimes I wonder if I made the wrong one in the end. I loved to do all kinds of sports when I was little: soccer, swimming, basketball, dance, and softball. Softball took up the entire summer and then some in the school year. Dance is all year round and is very time consuming as well. Here was the dilemma. Do I keep playing softball and be a sporty girl or do I continue with dance and become a girly girl?There wasn't time to do both. But, there were positives and negatives to both sides. I loved softball but at the same time I hated it, only because of the team I was on and the coach that was coaching us was super mean. I loved dance and being on the stage but it is so tiring and expensive. So which way do I go? Obviously I picked dance, since I've mentioned dance team and such, but I think back and I miss softball terribly. I was a decent catcher and I loved doing it. I was really good at bunting and running really fast so I could steal bases. I miss getting dirty and sunflower seeds and softball tans. Whenever I go to a baseball game I suddenly get this empty feeling like I need to play softball. But I love dancing too. I still try to play catch with my boyfriend but he plays all the time and gets sick of it. I don't have any of my catching stuff anymore which upsets me because I want to see what I can do now.

I don't know if others agree with this, but I feel like I can be a girly girl and a sporty kind of girl. I try to be both sides because, well, I don't really know who I am yet because of the feeling I get when I miss playing.

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