Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Disney part 2

So I blogged about going to Disney World with dance team and I explained about how we competed there. But the post would have been way to long if I would have kept going and explained the whole next day. 5 of my friends and I all got to go around the Disney parks and do pretty much whatever we wanted

We were the first ones on the dance team to wake up that morning. We were up at 645 walking down to breakfast in the fresh Florida air. At 8 we took the Disney shuttle bus to the Animal Kingdom where we wanted to ride one ride and then move onto our next park. We arrived at the park and started walking toward our destination taking dozens of pictures along the way. We got in line for the ride and just as we stepped into the seats and put our seatbelts on, we were told to get back off because there was a problem with the ride. We waited for about twenty minutes for them to fix the ride because we were literally the next people in line, but they didn't fix it and made everyone exit. We were pretty upset but we went on a little kiddy ride and it kinda made up for it. We went back out the entrance to the park and went on to our next park, MGM Studios.

This park is all about the shows and music of Disney and we had already been here for a little bit to compete on Saturday, but we wanted to ride the big rides of the park. We went to the Rockin' Rollercoaster, which is said to be the best rollercoaster in Disney, and waited in line. It was still early in the morning, so the lines weren't to long. We got right on the ride and it was by far the best ride ever. So we went on it again, and it was even better the second time. Then we decided to go to the Tower of Terror, where you get dropped and picked back up like you're in a hotel elevator. When we left the ride, there was this strange lady who obviously worked for Disney, who was dressed up in makeup and costume and started to talk to us. Eventually she found out we were there for the dance competition and asked us to teach her a dance, so we picked the macarena. Other people who were at the park started to join in and video tape us. It was actually really fun and I'm probably on some random person's home video from Disney World! We told the lady we needed to go and we went back to the buses and hopped on one to take us to Epcot.

At Epcot, we got fast passes (tickets that tell you a good time to come back and ride the ride and gets you in the front of the line) for 2 rides that we wanted to go on and went and explored around the park. We found some characters and took our pictures with them. Then we went back to the ride called Mission Space where you sit in a compartment that feels like you are a pilot of a rocketship that is going to Mars. It spins around and kinda feels like the silly silo but way way way way worse. Then we went to the Test Track which is where you get into a car and it takes you through all these tests like you are a test dummy. It makes you think you are even going to crash! Once we got off the rides, we went to the different countries that they have displayed in Epcot. We ate some Chinese food and got pictures and souvenirs from France, England, Japan, Mexico, and many other countries. By that time we were really tired, but it didn't stop us, so we kept going on and went to the buses to go to Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom is the place with the huge castle and a bunch of little kiddie rides. We went to the two main big rides and got fast passes to come back later. We met some characters and went shopping for things to bring back to our friends. Then it was time to go to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which is a rollercoaster but it was really lame compared to the other ones we had went on that day. Then we went over to Space Mountain, another rollercoaster, and it was really fun. It's in the dark the entire time and you don't know if you should put your hands up or not because you feel like your hands are going to hit something. Its a big long maze. Then we did some more shopping and watched the fireworks over the castle and went back the hotel.

It was such an eventful day and we got through 4 days of parks in one because that's all that we had! Of course we didn't get to experience everything, but we gave those who hadn't been there an experience to remember.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers!

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