Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I wish this would last forever

So I'm sitting here on my couch watching The Price is Right and it is 10 am. I just woke up and I can't wait to see what today brings. Spring break is reminding me of summer a whole lot and I wish that is was summer already. But we don't get out of school until June 15th now I just learned. That's almost a whole month after when we were originally supposed to get out of stupid school. Its because of all those snow days that we had this winter, but I guess they were enjoyed while we had them. I just wish they would make them up throughout the rest of the school year on the days when we're suppose to have no school that is scheduled. In the summer time you can wake up whenever you want and usually people have later curfew's. You don't have to worry about doing homework whereas right now I'm debating on how to start my research paper and I have worksheets that are due the next week we get back. I would rather just sit here on the computer and not do any work.

I did discover this website though that totally made me cry when I was reading it. It's called Lovegivesmehope.com and it gives real stories about people who love each other and do cute things for one another. Some of them are about old people who have lost their loved ones but still show their love for them in some way. I was reading these and I totally cried my eyes out. I'm such a sucker for romance. I could seriously sit on that website all day and read the entries that people have written.

But I guess for now I will start on some of my homework that is due next week.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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