Sunday, March 28, 2010


Sooooo I just got back from chiii town and I was totally and completely blown away by the Blue Man Group. It was totally awesome. The show was really funny yet cool at the same time. These blue guys made music using many different items and made it look cool. They played the drums with different colored paints on them, they played tubes and when you moved the tube, it made a lower or higher sound, and they had a backup band that would add in at times to make the fun even better. There was one part where they had a screen and an announcer telling the audience how to "rock out" at a concert. It made the entire audience head bob, fist pump, throw their hands in the air, and scream super loud. The blue men couldn't talk and acted like they didn't really know any common sense, which made it pretty funny. They also had volunteers from the audience which they picked, so I'm not quite sure if they were planned or not. At the very end, they went and pulled toilet paper across the entire audience while they went back up on stage and jammed out. It was really fun and everyone was freaking out. They had this little camera that they would bring around the crowd and put it in people's faces and show them on the big screen. The people sitting in the front rows were given poncho's to wear if they wanted to because the guys would throw paint around and shoot things out of their shirts.

Here is a video of a different Blue Man Group show but they did basically the same thing!

I would love to go back again to another one someday with a bigger audience and see how they respond because I'm sure that with an audience of showchoir people, there was a lot more cheering and freaking out than usual. Also, I would like to see if they do the same things or if things are a little different than what we saw.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers!

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