Sunday, May 16, 2010

I miss...

Here are things that I miss dearly in my life:

I miss going to the dance studio every Sunday and dancing my heart out even though I didn't really want to, the smell of the whole place still haunts me every Sunday.
I miss my old neighbor friends and how we used to play together every single day outside and we just played together and nobody cared about anything other then that we were together.
I miss elementary school where there was no homework and nap time and snack time and recess and there was no drama.
I miss my old house with its pink shutters and stairs leading up to the door.
I miss living in Florida where it was always warm outside and it didn't snow.
I miss playing video games like Harry Potter, Sing It!, and DDR with my friends, afternoons were filled with these games.
I miss my old pets and how they always liked to cuddle with me and play with me, now I'm never home and my cat is only in love with my mom.
I miss the old dance team and going to Disney World with them and always getting to see them every day.
I miss Read Photography and getting dance pictures done there every year in all my costumes.
I miss the times I had with old "friends" and the memories we shared together.
I miss riding the bus to middle school and feeling like I was cool when I was in 8th grade and got to ride in the back of the bus.
I miss my family's cooking at holidays because now I'm so busy that we don't get to stick around for endless amounts of days being served tastey food.
I miss school pictures in elementary school when nobody cared how your picture turned out and all the girls wore pretty dresses and the boys wore little ties around their necks.
I miss the first cell phone that I had and it's simplicity and how cool I thought I was to own an actual cell phone.
I miss my friends that used to care about me before they found new people to hang out with.
I am happy that I know how new friends that care about me more than them and can treat me with a little more respect.
I'm sad that some of these friends are going to leave me soon, however.

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That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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