Sunday, May 9, 2010

AP Tests

Friday, I took my AP US test at the Kirkwood center down by Carlos o' Kelly's and it was the longest test of my entire life. Besides not knowing anything during the hour long multiple choice section, the 2 hour essay part was horrible. Who needs 2 hours to write 3 essay's seriously? I got done almost 45 minutes early and I know that most other people were done way early too. It just doesn't really make sense. If they want you to push yourself and do good but limit your time, then why did they give us so long to write these essays?!!?? On Wednesday I have to take the AP Lang test as well and I have no idea how that test will go. I hope it doesn't take as long though because that seemed like it was forever! Monday is the AP Bio test which I am not going to take because I know absolutely nothing in that class. I guess it's a little more of using your common sense then American History, but you have to know all the little detailed things and I do not know any of that. I only manage getting by in that class by doing the extra points options and the other assignments that aren't tests. If that class was all tests I would be totally failing that class. Why are these AP classes so hard and remind me again why I decided to take three of them this year? I'm only taking two next year and they are easy ones. I don't want another full load of homework next year on top of dance team and show choir especially when it's my senior year and your supposed to have a good time!

I hope I did decent on the AP US test and I hope I do okay on the AP Lang test as well and don't get any ones because that would just be pretty embarassing. Don't get me wrong, I don't really wanna be bored and watching TV every single night, but I don't want to have so much work that I can't get it all done even when I have nothing going on at night.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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