Saturday, May 15, 2010

Going Out Concert

Two nights ago was our last concert for showchoir this year. We watched our prep groups do their show for the last time, and our parents gave us a surprise remake of our show with all of our parents doing the things that we do in the show. It was pretty hilarious. But then when it became time to do our show on stage, I wasn't so sure how to feel. Some of my best friends are leaving next year that I spend so much time with after school. They're on dance team and in showchoir plus I have classes with them and it will be so weird to do things next year when they aren't here. This is pretty much what I was thinking about the entire time we did our show. I started crying during the ballad (of course) and at the end of the last number when I realized that it was all over. After we performed, it's a tradition that our varsity showchoir and anyone who is an alumni of the group come up on the stage and sing the song Forever which is the saddest song ever. Some of the lyrics say, "Forever, good friends are forever...." and it goes on to say that in different ways which really made me start crying. My senior friends would keep looking at me and they were crying which made me cry and it was just a big cry fest and nobody was really singing. After that we all kind of gathered in a big group and hugged each other and cried. Next year it will be me who is going to be leaving all these people that I've known and I'll have to give up showchoir and dance team in high school and I'll probably never do anything like it ever again. Which is a really scary thought because that's basically all that I do, besides school of course. But I guess I'll just enjoy this next year as much as I can because all of the graduated people I talk to say enjoy it while it lasts because they miss it like crazy, which scares me as well.

I love all of my friends and I will miss those who are leaving next year and I don't know how were going to get by doing some things without them. But, we will have to manage.

Here is the video of the parents trying to do our show. I find it quite hilarious when comparing it with the real one.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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