Thursday, September 10, 2009

Do I really miss summer?

Students are starting off the school year meeting their teachers, figuring out their classes, and meeting new friends. The classes here, well let's just say there are many to choose from. But while some people are just starting off the new school year, others have been at school all summer doing activities and working hard. As I sit here though, I realize that I never really got to "sleep in" during the summer, and that may be why I'm so tired even when school is just starting. Going to dance team every morning at 7 am is not what I'd call fun.

My other friends would be just waking up when I got done at dance and they'd brag about how non-tired they were. It definitely sucked. You still get weekends and things to sleep, but still who wants to stay home all weekend?

Now, during school, I'm blogging for my AP lang class just like all the other students. You can hear all the other keyboards typing away. It's kind of cool actually, because you know some are making a really amazing writing when I really don't know what to write about.

I know that I did get no sleep this summer, well not as much as I needed to. But I think that I am starting to get more sleep now that school is starting, which I don't know how could be possible. Yesterday, I went to the doctor's office for a physical and she kindly asked me "What time do you wake up and what time do you go to bed?" I told her and she quickly denied saying that I didn't get enough sleep. "Children your age really should get 9-9&1/2 hours of sleep a night." I just looked at her and agreed so she wouldn't push me any further. Because I really don't agree with her. Probably 90% of the school doesn't get that much sleep a night! And I'm not as tired as I usually am, yet. But we'll see how this school year treats me.

Thats all for now my fellow bloggers.

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