Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dance Your Heart Out

So, last night was the annual homecoming dance. Everyone gets all dressed up, goes out to eat, takes pictures, and then dies because of the heat in the cafeteria. When attending this dance, one would usually ask a date to go with them.

People ask others from Kennedy or from other schools around the area. One can even ask a person who is in college. But to have someone attend from another school, you have to "sign up" this person on a sheet where the faculty can look over them. But, I think it's pretty rude how our school supports gays but wont let you sign up and bring another person of the same sex. I think everyone should be treated equally. Not saying I'm gay but i think everyone has a right to whatever they feel.

At the dance, I think it's really awkward when the teachers walk in the middle of the dance floor to observe what everyone is doing. I understand that they need to check up and see what's going on, but it is super weird when they come right next to you.

As I'm sitting here writing this, I think about how when you're at the dance you don't really realize what everyone else around you is doing. You're kinda in your own little world and don't care what people are doing. It's really kinda neat actually.

This year our DJ was pretty good. Last year was horrible when they kept playing the same songs over and over again and they were pretty old songs as well. Everyone ended up sitting down on the dance floor because they were so mad that the music completely sucked. But this year they played good songs and it was supppper fun!

We went in a group of 14 people and everyone came over to my house before dinner looking good to take some pictures. We probably spent like 30 minutes smiling and my mouth ended up hurting haha. Then we all traveled to Biaggi's to eat in the wine room. It was super nice and so much fun. We then went to the dance to take formal pictures with Reid Photography and met up with some other friends. Then the dancing started and within 5 minutes we were already sweating. It is always so hot in the cafeteria! But I guess you have to deal with it when you want to have a good time.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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