Friday, September 11, 2009

Society's changing...

What is a "home phone" now anyways? Everywhere you go you see people with a cell phone up to their ear or in their face sending a text message. I'm not one to be a hypocrite, because I know I probably send 5000 texts a month, but still. It bugs me when you run into people in the hallway because their buried into their cell phone.

My parents barely even know how to text message let alone what one is. Our generation could not live without our cell phones, that's why it's such a big deal when we have to get it taken away or if it breaks. I really don't know how our parents and relatives could live without even a computer. We use all sorts of chatting sites to hook up with friends at the last minute: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.

Other things like video games games and television can also be very addicting. Little kids are getting a bad influence with electronics at such a young age. I know my cousins are totally into the Star Wars shooting games on Xbox and they love to come over and play Wii when they're in town. But I guess that's how our society is changing and growing. Soon there are going to be robots driving our cars for us.

There's also this new thing called picture messaging. Um. Yeah. That can be great if you have something to show someone or to keep memories with you. But people are now starting to abuse this little thing and have turned it into sexting. I really don't care if people do it. Just don't be stupid about it and let it get around the entire school because people don't want to see that. It brings out a horrible part of you. Last year, there were so many pictures going around I can't even fathom why people would be that stupid.

Driving and texting is also becoming a huge issue for teenagers and even young adults. There have be so many crashes lately because people have been on the phone while driving to the mall, the movies, school, etc. I think saving your life and other people's lives is worth waiting to talk to someone for fifteen minutes.

This video is probably the worst I've ever seen. There are so many devastating things going on in it. I really think that everyone should watch it. It made me realize to be a more alert driver because you never know if the person driving next to you could be texting and suddenly swerve over the line and into your lane.

Thats all for now my fellow bloggers.

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