Sunday, September 27, 2009

Obsession much?

The book cover of Twilight.
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Ever heard of the book/movie Twilight? If yes, you've probably heard all the girls screaming and mushing over the star character, Edward Cullen, what's not to like about him? He's sweet, charming, sexy, everything that a girl could ever ask for in a guy. And not to mention in the movie, Robert Pattinson, the guy who plays Edward is gorgeous.

The book's story is not all that complicated though. It's your average everyday girl who moves in with her dad after her parents got divorced. She goes to school and fits in, finds friends, all the same things you would expect from a teenager. There are people who are "different" at her school and everyone calls them the Cullen's. They don't talk to anyone who isn't in their group and skip school on days where the sun is out. The girl, Bella, is immediately curious about them. She later finds out they are, well lets just say I'm not going to ruin the entire story for you.

The second movie based off the book New Moon comes out in November and I know myself and millions of others can't wait until the day it comes. There is just something about the books that draws the reader in further and makes you not want to put the book down. When I was reading Twilight for the first time, I stayed up later and later each night because I wouldn't want to stop reading the story. It might be all the detail and thought that the author, Stephanie Meyer, puts into it all. There are a lot of creative, new ideas put into this book that one would never think of putting together.

So when girls are screaming for the new movie, or wearing a Twilight t-shirt, or obsessing over Edward Cullen on their facebook status, you know where it's all coming from. I might do all of those things as well, but that doesn't need to be mentioned here.:) Oh, and it's not just the teenage girls that are obsessed with these books and movies. I know my mom was the one who got me started on reading the books before they even became popular! And I know plenty of guys who have gone with their girlfriends to see the movie and have loved it. So don't judge a book by the people who read it, cause you never know what's gonna end up inside!

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  1. I'm going to just go ahead and say I do not understand the appeal of the guy who plays Edward. I'm not criticizing his fans, I'm just saying that my glass of milk was reading People magazine the other day and said, "Wow, that Pattinson dude is pale." It's okay, I don't have to understand. I'm just saying.

    Trashy taste in reading, that glass of milk.