Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas tree!

It's that time of year when everyone seems happy and filled with joy. People are out shopping for their families presents. Everyone's houses smell of cookies. Families gather together and decorations are put out. It's definitely Christmas time.
Our family loves to decorate around the house with new decorations and old decorations. Of course we always have a Christmas tree. What's Christmas without one? We also have random decorations here and there. Our stockings are hung above the fireplace. There are candles and angels put out on tables that only get put out once every year. Although things are put away all year and we only take them out every once in a while, its still fun to see everything because personally, I forget about a lot of things that we have stored in our basement. We have box after box after box filled with decorations, half of which we do not even use. But they are still there because we can't get rid of them. Like I said in an earlier blog. It's really hard for me to get rid of things that I've had for a long time. I guess I get that trait from my family because they are the exact same way. Actually it might just be from my dad. He likes to collect computers. I mean really out of all the things in the world you choose a big thing? Anyways, we have probably 15-20 computers in our house, but only four actually work. 5 are all the same kind, they don't work, and the others are just, old. But anyways, we have all of these decorations sitting around in our basement for each holiday. Now I don't mean crazy decorations like you see when you drive on Old Marion Rd. and there is that one house with the blow up decorations in their front yard. I just mean little things to make the house look different. Well anyway, today we put up our Christmas tree. We got out the 5 boxes of ornaments that we have and started putting them onto the tree. My parents still have a lot of ornaments from when they were little but my mom has this one egg that her grandmother gave her when she was little and she is crazy about how it is taken care of. It's a real egg shell, she says, and its very fragile. She already told me that I better take care of it when she dies and I have to take care of her things. Of course I have a lot of ornaments that I received as gifts when I was little. We have the entire set that says My first Christmas, My second Christmas, etc. We didn't really put any of those up this year because they don't mean as much as some of the other ornaments that we have. We also have a lot of "ornaments" that I made when I was little. They are little cheap things that I made at church or school that my mom has kept because I would've gotten mad at her for getting rid of them before. But most of those we didn't put up either because they're pretty tacky. We put up a lot of the ones that are super meaningful to our family because we have so many. Putting up this Christmas tree and picking out which ornaments to put on probably took forever this year because we have acquired so many random ones that we don't even know where they are from. We found this cow and we do not know where it came from or what it is for or why anyone would even want a cow on our Christmas tree? But we're getting rid of that haha.
The end result is always the best after this long process. You step back and take a glance at the beautiful tree you just put together with all of your memories bound into one spot. If you look at a certain ornament, you can remember the experience you had with it. It's pretty cool actually.

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