Sunday, December 6, 2009

HyVee Chinese PLEASE

So I've finally realized that I'm totally obsessed with HyVee Chinese food. I always crave it and I really don't know why. Actually its just any Chinese food there is, it doesn't even have to be from HyVee.
Although I do perfer HyVee over anything else because you can get a lot of different kinds there especially if you order the buffet. Except I always end up getting the same kind. I really have no idea why I crave Chinese food or why I'm blogging about it. Probably because I really want to go to HyVee right now and get some because I've been craving it all day long. Why do people have cravings for certain foods? Some days I really really want chocolate. Others it'll be McDonald's. Some days its shrimp. Does it have to do something with your taste buds? I really do not know and I might go look that up on Google when I'm done writing this blog but if anyone would love to tell me that'd be great too!:)

(By the way this picture is from HyVee's website)

I don't even know how my friends and I started going to HyVee Chinese or why the thought occurred to us that it would be good, we just ended up going there one day and I'm really glad that we did because it's so good! But my family and I also like to go to this place called Ting's Red Lantern. It is also very good and cheap and you get a lot of food for your money! The lady waitress there even knows our order by memory because we go there so often! She always repeats to us what we want and we're like yep how do you even remember that?! But it's always super good I would definately recommend that to anyone who loves good Chinese! I've gotten a lot of people hooked on that place because I've told them to go there and they end up loving it!

Now that I've been sitting here talking about all the foods that I crave, I really want all of them and I just need to go to bed before my mouth starts watering.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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