Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dance Team!

This weekend dance team traveled to Des Moines to compete in the Iowa State Dance Championships. We worked really hard this year to try to be the best we can be. Our rivals are always Linn Mar and they are sooooo good. But I don't think its about how we placed, I think it's how well we performed and both our pom and jazz dances were the best that we have ever done them. When you get up on the stage and start to perform, the feeling is great. You don't realize what around you and you just dance your heart out. Two weekends ago the dance team competed at Prairie.
Cathy Thompson took this picture of us two weekends ago after we won with our pom dance and placed second with our jazz dance. This weekend we placed 2nd in our pom and 4th in our jazz which is really good! We got to stay in hotel rooms and party all night which was probably the most fun part because it gives us time to bond with the other girls on dance team. This week we are learning our Christmas Kick routine which is a fundraiser where people guess how many kicks there is in the dance and pay money for a guess. We perform it at the boys basketball game on Friday. It's pretty fun.

I love all of the girls on dance team and we're pretty much like sisters because we spend so much time together. Sure we're all girls and can get really mean and at each others throats sometimes but at the end of the day everyone puts aside their differences and dances it out. We're going to Nationals in February and it's the first time the dance team has ever gone so we're pretty excited to go and compete and have fun. Some girls have never been to Disney World and so it will be cool to see their faces when they first go in. Just being in Disney World with all of those girls will be the experience of a lifetime. We're trying to work really hard so we can do really good but that's not really the point of the whole thing. Its just an experience that we will never forget!

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