Thursday, December 17, 2009

That Red Bucket

You know those people who stand outside of stores like Wal Mart, Target, HyVee, and other big stores that have that red bucket with the salvation army sticker on the side of it. Sometimes the people sing carols to make others put a little change into the bucket. Sometimes people wear costumes or ring a bell. And every little bit of money counts. Well two or three years ago my friend and I went to Lowe's and rang the bell for about 4 hours in the blistering cold trying to do something good for the community. Needless to say our toes and fingers and noses were completely frozen, but it was for a good cause. This year on Saturday another friend of mine and I are going to Wal Mart and ringing the bell. But this time only for an hour because it is going to be a lot colder this year. Maybe we'll sing some carols to attract people and get some money. Or maybe we'll just stand there next to each other, ring a little bell, and wait. And wait. And wait. Not many people give to the Salvation Army anymore and so most of the time that you stand there ringing the bell, you wait for people to put in some money, but it might take awhile.
I guess I can't really talk. Most of the time when I see a Salvation Army bucket, I don't really put any money into it. I just walk by ashamed that I don't have enough change with me to even make a difference, or it's too cold so I don't want to stop. But what is a couple of seconds to help someone in need going to do to you? Think about the people standing outside in the cold ringing that bell. They're giving their time to do something special. So you can probably give twentyfive cents out of your pocket for someone that needs it.
So the next time you see that red bucket and those people standing out in the blistering cold, think to yourself, "can I give just a couple of coins to make someone else's day?" If yes, then great! If no, then thats fine too. But just think about it.
That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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