Sunday, December 13, 2009


So this year for Christmas, my dad decided it would be a good idea to get our entire side of his family, webcams so that we can all chat with each other. It's kind of a weird concept when you could just pick up a phone and have the same conversation with the person without actually looking at them, but I guess it's more fun that way. So I was messing around with the one that we got the other day and figured out there are a bunch of different settings that can make your face messed up. My friends and I were playing around and got some big laughs out of it.

There is also this new thing called Skype. It's like a calling messaging thing on the computer that lets you video chat with your friends and family. It's actually really cool. My friend Mack T and I video chatted each other for 2 hours the other night and, surprisingly, it was so much fun. We just talked about random things and then put on some music and started dancing. Now we are both totally obsessed with our webcams and use them all the time. Last night in fact we were at a friends house and she has a webcam on her computer so we snuck up onto her computer and took some pictures on it!
For this picture we used an effect called pinch and it like pinches in the middle of the screen and it makes it look like we're kissing each other haha.

The world of technology is advancing faster and faster each day. Soon cars are going to be able to drive themselves and we're going to have robots doing everything for us. It's cool but kinda scary at the same time. We've lived the same way for so many years and with new inventions coming out, people are becoming lazier and lazier which leads to health problems and loneliness. Times are definitely changing quickly! New technology makes things fun and everyone wants the latest gadgets. But people should really enjoy what they have now. What happens when the thing you start using becomes a problem or breaks fast because they haven't had time to really see how long it will last.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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