Sunday, December 20, 2009

Totally Addicted

So these social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. are JUST for hooking up with old and new friends right? Wrong. Now there are all of these applications and games for people to start playing with their friends in their free time rather then spending their time elsewhere. I am totally hooked on this game called Cafe World on Facebook. You build up your own cafe and buy stoves, tables, serving tables, and decorations to make customers come to your place to buy food. It gives you a cook book of items to bake and how much time the item will take. This can range from 3 minutes to 5 days. You buy the food that you want to cook and then wait for the amount of time it gives you then go back and get the food to serve it to get more money to expand your cafe. This all seems kind of confusing but I assure you, once you get started, it is so hard to stop. I really wish that I would have never even started playing that game because now when I get home I worry about if I need to get on the computer and take my food off of the stove or if the food is spoiled. But I don't want to quit is the thing. Because it is kind of entertaining. But I really should stop. I told myself that I was going to stop but that totally failed and I started playing again. A lot of my friends play it too which probably makes it even harder to quit because everyone will be talking about it and it just makes you want to play it too.
Oh wow. How lame do I sound right now? But it's completely true. I'm so addicted to this game. I'll sit here on the computer when I should be upstairs doing my homework or helping my mom with things around the house. These new technology things are interfering with kid's work. Like cell phones totally distract me when I'm trying to do my homework. And computers definitely do too. If your getting on the computer to do your homework, usually you can't resist the urge to get on Facebook and check to see if you have a new notification. But really it isn't that important. We all just need to focus more! But it is not that easy.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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