Monday, January 4, 2010

Little Kids are the Greatest

This year at Christmas, I played an Uno game with my 2nd grade triplet cousins and my other 6th grade cousin. We dealt out the cards and started playing, but right off the bat it was a complete disaster. The older girl was trying to control the younger three children and tell them how to play the game. We went around in a circle and you know how uno has draw two or draw four or wild cards where you can change the colors? Well they had absolutely no idea what to do with any of those. So when they would put a card like that down, the older girl would yell at them and tell them what to do. Then once one of the younger girls unterstood the game a little more, when another youngster would mess up, she would yell too. It ended up turning into a giant yelling fest. I eventually calmed them down with a matching game that they actually knew how to play, but it was quite entertaining to watch them think that they know what exactly they were doing, but in reality none of them were playing right. I probably wasn't even playing right because of all of the things they were doing, I couldn't remember which way was right! I'm pretty sure that these younger cousins of mine always have looked up to me. My mom gives them my old clothes for Christmas sometimes and then I see them wearing them when we come to visit. They always want me to play with them and be around them whenever we go, but there are other family that I'd like to talk to as well. But it's fun to spend valuable time with your little cousins who are just completely enjoying their life as a little kid. I miss those days when I could just be myself and nobody would judge you for what your wearing, what you look like, or what your doing. That's how my cousins act. They are so crazy and wild, they eat so much too! My little cousin in 2nd grade ate constantly the whole day and was always hungry for more. I was like dear God child! How can you keep eating and not get full and not become overweight?!
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