Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chat Roulette

If you have a web cam and you're having a party with a bunch of people, I suggest going to Google and looking up Chat Roulette, or here's the website: It's a free online chat with webcams that just pairs you up with some strangers for you to talk to. It would be kind of creepy for someone to go on this by themselves, because its complete strangers and that would be really weird if you just talked to some random person alone. Sometimes there are some lets just say inappropriate scenes that come up that people are doing. You should just next these people and move on to find some attractive people to talk to.

Last night, my friends and I had a party for one of my friends who was going through a breakup so we had a little get together and we went to this website. It turned out to be quite fun. We found a group of guys from Jersey that we all talked to and there were just as many of us girls as there were boys so we started asking them who was attractive and they asked us the same. It ended up that they were pretty cute and we ended up being Facebook friends with all of them. Later, Caitlin and I were trying to find somebody who was not naked or creepy on this chatting site, and we found Derek. He was a very very very attractive man who was our age and lived in Minnesota and we were talking to him for awhile. We convinced him to give us his number and we texted him right away. Its getting kinda creepy now but whatever its kinda slowing down! It gave my friend who had just broken up with her boyfriend a little more confidence in herself and that is exactly the whole entire point of the night soooo mission accomplished!

I strongly suggest you do this in groups if you are going to do this!

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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