Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dance Team 2010-2011

Hooray! I made dance team for my senior year!

Honestly I wasn't that excited and I already knew that I was going to make it, but yet our coach still made the returning members try out again. A lot of seniors from our team are leaving this year which means that there are going to be a lot of new girls joining our team. It turns out there are 3 new people who are actually going to be competing and 4 people who are alternates. Soon we are going to have a meeting to pick out captains and give out information. I really hope that I am a captain this year because I think that I am one of the best on the team and have the leadership skills that our team needs this year to be successful. With so many new girls, we need dicipline and good eyes to see all the mistakes that need to be fixed. Last year we had a lot of, well lets just say "not so great girls who are mean and talk crap about everyone" on our team and this year we only have one so hopefully she changes her ways to everyone else and goes with the flow. Whoever the captains are this year need to bring this team together as one because most of us don't know any of the new girls, so we need to be a team not individuals. I think that our team has a lot of potential to be good this year, but it's going to take a lot of hard work and time to get everyone on the same level. We have a lot of talent that just needs to find its way out of people.
This picture is from our Christmas kick dance last year.

There are some things that I love about dance team: like the car washes, the sleepovers, the competitions, and the people. But I really dislike our coach and the way she treats us and how much she expects out of us. But all in all, dance team should be better this year hopefully, because the seniors know what the other seniors in the past have done wrong, so we can make our team stronger from their mistakes.

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