Sunday, April 11, 2010

Part of a legacy

Saturday, I got to be involved in one of the coolest events I have ever experienced. It was a concert of a bunch of Queen songs done by a Queen reenactment band that had the Orchestra Iowa and a bunch of local showchoirs to back them up.
We've been practicing for about a month and all of our hard work finally paid off. After learning all of the harmony and backup parts to the songs that we only know the melody and the chorus' to, we got to sing with a guy who sounded just like some of the guys from Queen along with the orchestra and band playing in the front. The lights were going crazy, but the audience was just a little bit older then most rock concert audiences. So we had to help them out and cheer out loud a little bit. What was so cool about this experience though, was that we were the backup singers. My parents told me that it actually sounded like a Queen song when the main guy was singing and we were helping him out.

Most people in our showchoir didn't want to participate in this experience, but boy were they missing out. We got to watch the whole first half of the concert and it was amazing. I can only imagine what the sound was like when we were singing the backup parts.

We had to wear our costumes from our show though, so each of the different schools were wearing different clothes. I had a little malfunction with my costume, as my friend had grabbed the wrong bag and it was the shortest girl's in our showchoir. But there was no time to go back to the school and get my own, so I wore a horribly short skirt up on stage. But oh well I was totally rocking it!

We got to talk to the main singer and the pianist after the show and told them how amazing they are and what a great experience it was to be able to participate in something like that. Just the feeling that I got when everyone in the audience was standing up and swaying back and forth with their cell phones in their hands was amazing. It was like looking out at a dark sky with stars at night.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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