Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today after school, I went to my mom's nursing home to volunteer for awhile and help the old people out a little bit. When I first arrived, I turned on the Wii for about 7 residents and we played the video game The Price is Right. They enjoyed it I think because they got to bid on items and guess on a bunch of different things. They may be old, but they still love playing video games!

Next, I went into an old man's room to play some cards with him. My mom had told me he was an excellent card player and enjoyed it very much. So we played the world's simplest game, war. We got started and I looked around his small room. There were pictures hung on the wall of him and his family from when he was what looked like to be 30 years old. There were pictures of his kids as well and I asked if the people in the picture were his kids. He quietly answered yes and we went on playing the game. But as I looked around some more, I noticed a sign hung on the wall that said: "Happy 90th birthday! We are proud of your kids, grand kids, and great grand kids. We also thank you for your service during WWII." This shocked me, but then I noticed the other navy signs hung around the room as well and made the connection. I was sitting with a World War two soldier that had survived. My respect for him went way up after seeing him shake and try to figure out the card game that we were playing.

I traveled down to the bottom floor where the people with dementia live, and the activities director and I took 2 at a time out for a wheelchair walk around the place outside. They enjoyed the great weather and being able to get out of their rooms. But pushing them around was a little hard, especially going up hills, because I was pushing almost twice my weight!

Overall this experience was great, and I now enjoy spending time with old people. They have so much to offer and a lot of advice to give. They find the things that we do in the world, fascinating and it makes it fun for me to see the joy that I bring to them when I come see them.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers!

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