Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Opening Day

Tomorrow is the day that I've been maybe kind of looking forward to for awhile? It's debatable whether I'm really excited, scared, or not so thrilled to be going back to work.

I've been needing a job for awhile, ever since I quit HyVee Drugstore because I "got in trouble for not smiling" so I had been asking people where they thought that I should work. Finding a job that can be flexible around a dancer and a showchoir person's schedule is hard to come by. So I decided that this year I'll just start with a summer job and see how things go from there. I talked to my cousin's husband who had worked at the Kernel's stadium for quite sometime. He told me that they were having a job fair soon and that I should go apply because he could definitely get me a job. So I went to the job fair and filled out an application, had an interview, and a couple days later received a call telling me that I had been accepted to work at the concession stand.

So last Thursday I went to an orientation to fill out all of the taxes and paper work that they needed from me and listened to them speak for awhile. All of the people around me were quite different and they seemed like they already knew everything and were comfortable with where they were. I soon found out that the majority of the people in the room with me had worked at the stadium before and already knew how to do everything.

Tomorrow I am walking into the concession stand not knowing what my duties or job will be or how long I will even be working. Hopefully not too late because it is a school night, but you never know these days. I've been needing a job for awhile so I'm excited about making money and being able to spend it. But when it comes to communicating to the managers about when I need these certain days off, I get kind of shy and don't really know what to say. I guess we'll see if I enjoy working here. I need a place where I don't get completely bored out of my mind.

Here is a link to the schedule if you wanted to see when the games are.

So if you are planning on attending any Kernel's game this summer, you'll see me there. I'm going to try and work as many games as I possibly can.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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