Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dancing at Disney

As the days go by, the closer and closer the dance team gets to going to Nationals in Disney World on February 4th this year. Personally, I really don't care how we do at this competition, we're going to Disney World for goodness sakes! But some of the other girls on the team are really concerned about what our placing is in the end. I get that they want us to be good, and I do too, but we don't have to be the best there is and get first place at a National Championship. We can't even get first in our own state so how are we supposed to get first in Florida? I guess I'm being a little bit of a negative person here, but what do you expect? Our coach pushes us to practice for two and a half hours for 3 to 4 days a week. I'm not complaining because it could be a lot worse. But we do have other things to do in our lives as well. And when she doesn't compensate for those other things, what are we supposed to do? This time of year gets really hectic because I have dance team practice and showchoir practice all the time. Not to mention the early morning and late night Saturdays that occur almost every weekend since January 9 until March 19. I get sick really easily this time of year and it's already happening. Once I get sick it usually doesn't go away until I can get enough sleep to get over it.
I feel like I'm complaining a lot so let's look at the bright side of dance team. One, the girls on the team are the best people in the world aside from the times when some can get nasty. I love dancing so I guess there is another positive. We get to get out of school occasionally which means not having to sit in class for 55 minutes. We have sleepovers sometimes which are always fun because we can't ever mess around at practice or we get yelled at. We get to go out of town together a lot. We get to eat a lot because we're always hungry after practice! I guess there is a lot of positives about being on dance team, I just never see them that often.
Disney World is such a wonderful place and I cannot wait to go back, even if it does mean that we have to dance while were there, it will be an experience in itself.
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