Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hooray for Babysitting

So last night I took on the job of babysitting my mom's friend from works son who is about 3. I walked into their house and he is always really shy and wont talk to me at first but once he realizes that he knows me, he is totally fine. His name is Connor and I was a little nervous to be babysitting him again considering the temper tantrum he threw at me the last time I was there.
He wanted to go to sleep, so of course I wasn't about to argue with him, so I got him ready for bed by brushing his teeth and putting on his pj's. I laid him down in bed, read him a book, turned off the light, and walked out of the room. About 5 minutes later I can hear him screaming and crying, so I run down the hallway to see what was wrong. He said that there were scary monsters in his room. But then when I reassured him everything was okay and a couple minutes later he started crying again, he made up a different excuse not to go to sleep. I told him that he needed to sleep and his mom was going to be home soon. Finally after an hour of going back and forth to his room and the living room, he kind of fell asleep. But when the parents came home ten minutes later he ran out of the room to give them a big hug, crying. I felt terrible but I guess there really wasn't anything I could do.
Luckily this time none of these events happened. We built a dinosaur, played "roll the ball back and forth then hide it so he can find it," and superheros. The superhero and the ball game was the worst ever. In the superhero game, he would say he was superman, or batman, or spiderman and I would lift him into the air so he could fly above the city. After awhile it got quite tiring because, well he's not a baby anymore. Then there was the ball game. He found this ball, that is their viscious dog's, and we started rolling it back and forth. Soon the game turned into you take the ball from me and I'll punch you to get it. So that's exactly what he did. He got on top of me and hit my arms and legs just so I would give him the ball. It was quite entertaining. Not. One time he got the ball and then chucked it strait at my shin. That was the end of the game.
I'm not trying to complain because I love being with little kids, and Connor is totally fun to be with, but I don't think he knows that you're not supposed to hit people yet.
That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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