Sunday, January 24, 2010

Michael Jackson

Ever since Michael Jackson died, I have been listening to his music a lot more then I ever had before. I know I'm not the only person who is in this situation either. And it might be that people start to realize how great the music was after the celebrity has died. I put Michael Jackson on my ipod and I listen to his CD's in my car all the time. I discovered this video from one of my friends of these two guys who made a mix of a bunch of Michael Jackson songs and it's really amazing. I cannot stop listening to it and I probably know the song better then some of his other works. The link to the video is here. I always love finding new videos on Youtube and then watching them over and over again.
I remember when I was little, my favorite song was Hey Juliet by LMNT. My best friend and I knew every word and listened to it every single day. I still know all the words and it's still one of my favorite songs. It's funny how I have all of these CD's from when I was little and now all we do is buy and download our songs from the internet and onto our ipods. And when our parents were teenagers, they listened to records. Technology has changed a lot in the last 40 years.
The other day in my AP Biology class, we watched a video on people who are paralyzed and can't talk and how scientists are coming out with machines to hook up to people's heads to detect what they are thinking and spell out individual words they are wanting to say. It was really neat actually. We're watching a lot of videos that are showing us new advanced technology and it's kind of scary to realize what could actually happen in the future. They're talking about cloning mammoths and recreating them to bring them back to Earth. I don't really understand why we would want to bring animals back that died a long time ago. Nature took them away for a reason so why should we bring them back?
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