Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nosy People

So I was sitting in class the other day while we had some free time and I just got out my phone and started replying to a text message i had received. In the middle of my sentence, I can see out of the corner of my eye someone leaning over to see who I'm talking to and what I'm saying. Now if this person was somebody that I knew and trusted, I wouldn't have minded so much. But the point is that this person was a complete stranger, someone I had never talked to before in my life. That is just plain rude. I understand that people want to know things sometimes but not if you do not even know the person who is trying to get into your business.
I seriously cannot stand when people are nosy and get into other people's business. I mean I guess I do it sometimes too but not that often and I don't pry people for information. People don't need to know everything about one person. That's why we have friends, to tell them things. But others who you don't know don't need to know each little detail. There are people at school always trying to get into everyone's business and create drama, which is a little immature if you ask me. Drama is middle school. This is high school, so get over yourselves and move on with your life. Yes, people do abnormal things, that's just part of life. But you don't have to go asking them every little thing about the event to get information. Just be happy you actually know what is going on.
I'm sorry that I'm totally ventilating on this blog. People have just made me mad the last week or so so I wanted to get it off of my chest.
There is one more thing I'd like to add while we're being open here. I hate it when people who aren't in high school, act like they are. If you graduate from high school, shouldn't you be happy and not want to have anything to do with your high school? I would be ecstatic if I could just leave high school right now and go live up my life in college. I wouldn't want to come back for high school events. Now I understand a couple of times of visits like to a football game or something but not every little event.
That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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