Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's getting annoying

So there is this girl that goes to our school, let's just call her Betty. She is involved in activities that I'm in as well so I see her a lot, which is very unfortunate.

See this girl is a compulsive liar who strives for attention from others. She makes up stories and lies to tell other people to get them to like her, which I really don't understand at all. Once, she told my friend's mom a made up story just to get her in trouble for doing nothing. This girl is also one of the most lazy people I have ever met. She skips practice all the time because her toe hurts or she doesn't feel good, which doesn't make our team any better.

She also has an anxiety problem, and is very self-conscious of herself. Which, I think, is why she does all these things to make people notice her. It's really annoying, but I know she doesn't mean to do it.

There are several people at our school who have these problems, and I know a couple of them. They aren't the most popular people, because others are sick of their attitude. They aren't the most friendly people, because they want the cool people to like them.

It's just kind of annoying me lately and so I'd thought I'd write about it. Because it happens everyday. But I understand that she isn't meaning to do so.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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