Sunday, October 11, 2009

oh this weekend..

So Tuesday is my birthday and I'm busy tomorrow and Tuesday night, my parents decided to celebrate tonight. My mom made us a really good homemade dinner and cake with ice cream. Then we opened presents, except I already knew half of them because it's kinda hard for my mom to buy stuff for me.

On Friday night I celebrated my birthday by having some friends stay the night. We had some "major events" happen to us. First, we were playing Ouija board. Now I know that everyone says that game is just a myth and people move it around and stuff, but it can still be really scary if someone says something freaky. Anyways, we were sitting around the board with a candle burning that Dallas had gotten me. We turned down the lights and started chanting a phrase from the song that we're singing in choir just for fun. Then we just started asking the board random questions like how old they were, if it was a girl or boy, what their name was, and then finally how they died. It answered by fire, and we all realized that we were sitting by a burning candle. We completely freaked out and all screamed and made Liz turn on the lights. She did and I felt behind my ear and there was something wet. I looked at my finger and it was covered in blood and Dallas screams YOUR BLEEDING! There was blood running from my ear all the way down under my chin. That did it. Everyone was freaking out and screaming even louder and I ran upstairs to get it off. Liz had to leave then and about 5 minutes later, we got her twitter update saying she just got a bloody nose. And that's why we're never playing Ouija again or ever singing that part in the song in choir ever again.

Our next event was a surprise from some guys we hang out with. I got a phone call saying we should go outside and look at our cars. They had Saran Wrap all around them and shaving cream covered the windows. Just when everyone was trying to clean up their cars, some boys only wearing thongs come out of their car down the street playing the song "What is love." By that time my dad was outside and he told them to leave. But they left some of their stuff in the street so they had to come back and get it. So when they came back, these four boys lets just say their names are Pam, Piston, Pobert, and Pars; they started to come back out of their cars, naked, and playing the same song. This time they came up to the house and they were trying to get up on us haha. It was probably the funniest thing I've ever witnessed. Even though my dad was kinda mad at the time, he got over it because he understands that they're just teenage guys and he used to do the same thing. This weekend was probably the most eventful one in a long time.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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