Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Weekend was Wicked

This weekend I experienced the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life. My mom, dad, aunt, uncle, and friend went to see the performance of Wicked in Des Moines.

I've seen the show before (in like 6th grade) but we were too far away to see any facial expressions or costumes. All you could see was oh that person is wearing pink, oh and she's green! So we decided to go again so we could experience the show in full effect.

The story of Wicked explains the whole meaning to the Wizard of Oz. There are a bunch of little jokes about the Wizard of Oz in the musical that most people don't catch the first time, but going a second time, we could catch all of the little details. This time we went, it was the second national tour and there were different actors then before. And the acting was WAY better then before, but the first time the singing was a lot better. It was way easy to pick which one was better then the other because, in my opinion, the way you act out the scene is more important then the quality of the singing. The girl that played the good witch Glinda was absolutely hilarious. She took her character to a whole new level, and that's what makes a good actor. The other girl who played Elphaba (the bad witch) had an amazing singing voice and it made me want to try harder to be a better singer. Seriously i got goosebumps when I heard her sing for the first time. It was amazing. Even the people in the chorus were SOOOO good at singing. The sound they produced was incredible. Okay so I should stop obsessing now, but it was such a good show, and I would tell anyone to go and see it. Even my dad liked it, who usually falls asleep during those types of things.

I was going to buy a sweatshirt that like says the name of the show on the front, but they were $65 and I was not going to waste my money on that, because that's freaking rediculous! But whatever it was still worth going. We also had really good meals this weekend and I feel like I've gained about twenty pounds! The Cheesecake Factory is always a crowd favorite, and this morning we had Cracker Barrel for breakfast and I almost fell over. It was so good. Oh and not to mention the little shop that they have outside of the dining area is really cool. They have like old candies and stuff there that were popular a really long time ago. We got some Fruit Stripes gum that my mom was craving because I guess that was the thing to have when she was little. It's weird how things change like that, and yet we still crave and want them.

That's all for now my fellow bloggers.

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